TRUST INVESTMENT is a company which provides financial solutions to individuals and / or businesses by offering a variety of specialized services in this area.

We offer a personalized service to all our clients. Our main goal is aimed to provide professional support, through highly skilled staff.  We are  committed to excellence in advisory, understanding our clients’ needs and expectations and being available and attentive to serve them.

Our vision is that in 2015 we will be recognized as a company that provides excellent financial services by:


  • Fulfilling the financial needs and requirements of our clients
  • Providing services of proved credibility, with a responsible and sustainable growth
  • and generating high value through the development of new services.

Trust Investment’s mission statement is focused on providing a complete and comprehensive service in the field of corporate and personal finance, stock market and consultancy on all financial matters. We will achieve this by :


  • Ensuring the implementation of the adquire commitment,
  • Sharing our experience, expertise and ideas to jointly achieve the best solutions for our clients,
  • Maintaining a long-term relationships with our clients, supported by the knowledge, needs  and satisfaction of our client’s expectations.

To provide financial services by:


  • Identifying investment opportunities, consultancy and management of associate risk factors.
  • Developing and executing investments in all fields related to public and private sector,
  • Establishing integral schemes for business and projects valuation,
  • Standardizing financial planning frameworks and structuring business in Colombia and abroad.

The TISAS team is constituted with experienced and professional people who make that the company generates credibility to clients. The team is completely engaged to provide an excellent service; they are a multidisciplinary team in the financial and technical field.

Our Skills

Finances 100%
Taxes 80%
Legal 70%
Budget 60%
Investment 55%

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