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The financial area is one of the neuralgic components in a company and therefore it must be properly structured in ways that respond to the decisions aimed to optimize the business development. It is for this reason that TISAS was set up to give our clients financial solutions with the best quality by satisfying their needs.

Our portfolio of services includes:

Financial Advisory and Investment Strategy Design

By mapping the risk profile and available resources of our client, we will build an investment portfolio to give the best investment alternative, looking for a sustained profitability.

Financial Crisis Management

Corporate crisis can come from many fronts, which causes profitability deterioration.  We give our clients alternatives before considering liquidation. We do this by running extensive financial analysis, restructuring options and economic viability, besides other different financing alternatives.

Bespoke business training

Financial knowledge becomes a present need in any business, in this way it is not necessary to reject the possibility of making trainings that can be adjust to the measure of the companies needs, which results in a better understanding of the financial environment.

Investment banking

Support for new business from the field of finance, planning, evaluation in different stages, accompaniment of transactions, consultancy in operations, taking out of shares, transfers, financing structures, compensation systems, inter alia, are part of the investment banking portfolio designed to meet any marked requirement.

Financial planning

Building financial models, still not goes out of style, the integrity of budgets and projection, allows the company to anticipate the impacts of any decision in the short, medium and long term, becoming in a useful tool for administration and management.

Structuring business plans

A business plan is the initial stage to convert an idea in business or project, thereby planning becomes very important for its success.  This tool is useful for modeling the business, having clear strategies, predicting the future, define actions and making decisions.

Company valuation

You should never confuse value with price, or even with the balance sheet accounting report, the company isn’t its assets.  Therefore is necessary to adopt valuation schemes in purchasing operations, sales, mergers, splits, liquidations, adoption of international standards, inter alia.

Risk Modeling

Operational risk, market risk, financial risk, reputational risk, moral risk, inter alia, are presented in different scenarios with different impacts, in this way it is necessary to understand which is the company exposure level and its actions plans to face the eventualities that affect the company’s value.

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